I doubt that was Ree’s motivation to drop over 34 pounds recently, but as an added bonus, all those insipid columnists and red carpet blowhards will now have to come up with something else to talk about.

We sat down with Ree to find out how she managed to lose so much weight in record time and how she’s planning to keep it off.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about your recent weight loss?

Ree Drummond: I’ve never struggled with my weight and I always kept it in check. But, during the first two months of 2017, I had a very tough time. Our family’s pet, Charlie, was diagnosed with lymphoma, so we had to put him down. I was devastated and I sought comfort in food. I became stressed, I was eating all the time, and before you know it, I gained an incredible 30 pounds! My blood sugar went sky high and I was warned by my doctor, to make changes or else… So, I made a commitment to my health and I decided to stick firmly to it. Just a few months later and I am in the best shape of my life! I’ve lost more than 34 pounds without breaking a sweat. I haven’t really done it the old-fashioned way, slow and steady, by eating healthy and exercising regularly.

Interviewer: So, what’s your secret?

Ree Drummond: I was watching the Oprah’s Show with my Marlboro Man and heard her talking about a fat buster called KETO Slim. I was very skeptical, because wherever you look somebody is trying to sell you some miracle diet supplement. But this stuff really worked for me.

Interviewer: How soon did you start seeing results?

Ree Drummond: I noticed a change in my body in the first week. I was so amazed. All my friends asked me what diet I was on and when I told them I was just taking KETO Slim they couldn’t believe it. Some of them also ordered the product and are having great results. But I will speak for myself and say that this is the best weight loss product I have ever tried. Losing weight shouldn’t be this easy (laughing).

Interviewer: Now that you’ve lost 34 pounds, what’s your next weight loss goal?

Ree Drummond: I don’t want to lose any more weight. I’ve actually stopped using KETO Slim because my goal was to go back to my original weight and I plan to keep it that way.

Interviewer: People already call you the “Queen of Cooking,” what’s up next for you?

Ree Drummond: I’m busier than ever with my blog, my show “The Pioneer Woman” is going great, and I finally have enough time for photography, which is a great passion of mine. I’m continuing to work hard, expand, try new things, and have fun!

Here’s a closer look at Ree Drummonds’s dramatic transformation.

Ree Drummond is not the only celebrity who owes her weight loss success to KETO Slim. World famous singer Mariah Carey lost an incredible 32 pounds in just a month with the KETO Slim. “I got up to 186 pounds, due to months of emotional overeating. Thankfully, it only took a month to get back down to 154 pounds. I would like to sit here and tell you that I’ve been in the gym, but I haven’t. I couldn’t believe how fast I saw the effects!” said Carey when we spoke with her.

KETO Slim has been secretly used in Hollywood as a powerful diet supplement and appetite suppressant for years, but it seems that most celebrities would rather have people think their miraculous weight loss is due to rigorous diet and workout regimes. Unsurprisingly, many people who struggle with their weight have yet to hear about it. However, after recent endorsements by many other celebrities, it seems that KETO Slim has been making its way into the homes of the general public.


Mariah Carey Before – After lose 32 pounds in just a month!

How does KETO Slim work?

KETO Slim boosts weight loss by slowing the body’s ability to absorb fat, replacing fat with toned muscles and even improving your mood and suppressing the drive to react to stressful situations with food. It flushes out all the toxins from your body and works as an anti oxidant to help your skin and hair look younger. It energizes your system, making you feel better in no time.

KETO Slim has been clinically proven to:
Increases the Metabolism speed by 70%
The High Levels of HCA boost Adipocytes production of Leptins by 130% which suppresses your appetite.
Boost energy Levels
Be Rich In Antioxidants
Removes Sludge From the Stomach walls
Help Eliminate Bad Toxins and Extra Fat Tissue Cells That Have Built Up Over the Years

For the TMZ News Test, a bottle of KETO Slim was delivered in a few days. KETO Slim is one of the most concentrated and purest forms of Garcinia on the market. It was our shared opinion that this would give me the most accurate results for my test. Below you can see my results and read about them.

Week One:

One week after the keto diet I was surprised by the perfect results. My energy levels were up, and I wasn’t even hungry. A welcomed side effect of the KETO Slim diet is its power to curb the appetite. Best of all, I didn’t even change anything about my daily routine. On the 6th day, I got on the scale and couldn’t believe my eyes. I had lost 4.5 lbs.

Week Two:

I still wasn’t convinced, since they say you lose a lot of water weight at the beginning of any diet. I wanted to wait and see the results in the upcoming weeks. But the pounds kept on dropping and I became more optimistic about my diet. At the end of the 2nd week, I had lost 7.5 lbs.

Week Three:

After 3 weeks, all my doubts and skepticism had absolutely vanished! I am down, from a 40 to a 36 pant sizes after losing another 15.5 lbs. And I still have a ton of energy. Quite often, around the third week of other diets, you tend to run out of steam. But with the KETO Slim my energy levels don’t dip, instead they remain steady throughout the day.

Week Four:

After the fourth week, my final results were shocking. I have lost an unbelievable 31 lbs since starting the KETO Slim diet! Actually everyone at TMZ News is kicking themselves for not having volunteered to be the guinea pig. Using the KETO Slim in week 4, I lost an additional 11 lbs.

Conclusion: Like us, here at “TMZ”, you might be a little doubtful about the effects of this diet, but you need to try it for yourself; the results are real. After conducting our own personal study we are pleased to see that people really are finding success with it (myself included). And you have nothing to lose. To order your bottle, follow the links below and know that you are getting a quality product that works; no strings attached!

You can reach your weight loss goals with the KETO Slim diet.

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