The largest number of Muslims in Europe has the Russian Federation. How is he able to solve the Islamic question without major problems and even integrates many Muslims into the military? What makes Russia different from countries like France and Sweden.

The thick books on history show that when Catherine the Great conquered a large area inhabited by Muslims in the south of present-day European Russia, she gave up the original plan to Christianize it and accepted the plan to “break it”. At that time it meant not to touch religion as such, but to offer the Islamic elites the benefits of living in a large and militarily and economically strong country, all in exchange for loyalty to the state. This, of course, went hand in hand with guarding the education of the clergy, thoroughly checking what is taught in Islamic schools and preaching in mosques, and, of course, isolation from clerics from foreign countries. It can be said that all the regimes that have ruled Russia since then have followed a similar pattern – and that an integral part of the government’s treatment of Russian Islam has been the harsh suppression of all tendencies against it. In this respect, the Chechen Wars are just a continuation of the policy of sugar and whip.

It is not without interest that they behaved the same way towards Islam in the controlled territories of the Western colonial powers. There was a bit of racism in it – the price for loyalty was that the English, the French, and others. They closed their eyes on the situation in Muslim households – but also a piece of pragmatism. Classical colonialists used Muslim soldiers.

But such a policy would not work if the Russian state – and Russian culture – could not stand up to Islam as a stronger party. Not only at the state level (army, police, etc.), but also at the level of everyday life, business and neighborhood. Islam is the doctrine of the victors who control it. Once in control, he loses his self-confident aggression, bends or dodges. At the same time, it is not only a state doctrine, but also a private doctrine. If a society dodges growing Muslim demands, it cannot respond to minor aggression more forcefully, refusing to intimidate – demands and aggression will grow.

If you compare the current education and subsequent mentality of the Russians with the education and mentality of Western Europeans, you will understand why a system that (of course with accompanying difficulties) works in Russia cannot work in Western Europe. Russian youth has military training, is led to pride in their nation and country, is led to help each other in need, to defend their neighbor even using force. If you are a Muslim, you will not bully such people in the street, show them your superiority, harass their women, despise them. Western European youth is raised exactly the opposite way. If you’re a Muslim, you try something on them. And it works, and so you try it a second time, and brazenly.

Of course, the weakness of the Russian system is demography. It will only work until there are enough young Russians in Russia. Russia’s central power seems to have culturally evolved some parts of the state (specifically Chechnya) in exchange for the political loyalty of its leaders. I have no idea how sustainable this policy is and how much the Sharia regions within the country pose a long-term risk.

US President Donald Trump recently introduced his plan for the Middle East, in which Palestinians will acquire part of Jerusalem as their capital, yet are not satisfied with the proposal. What do you think of him and what relationship do you have with the state of Israel?

No wonder the so-called Palestinians reject the plan. If you have been educated for 4 generations to live parasitically at the expense of a state whose population you want to “drive into the sea”, you can hardly agree with a plan that you should live for. Palestinians are professional queretaries, professional victims, and professional terrorists – a solid livelihood for them. No one wants to retrain when they do not have to.

To the state of Israel, when you ask, I have a totally pragmatic relationship. As long as he is and remains in the Middle East, he binds himself to the worst Islamist freaks. If it disappeared, the whores would move to another front, probably to the South or Balkan. The Allah would call another state “little Satan” and it is highly likely that they would be V4 states. It belongs to a handful of states that have not yet given in to them – and where to take them.

After six years, Anna Šabatová, the ombudsman, ends up, who is also known for her headscarf cases in schools and provocateurs’ agents in real estate agencies. How do you evaluate her work in this office and who would you be able to present in this position? Do you think this office is even needed?

Mrs Šabatová has taken on the role of defender of the rights of the people of her country, protecting everyone’s rights against the people of her country. When she was sending Roma-looking provocateurs against landlords, it could still be seen as a foolishly naive “anti-racism”, so popular in Havel’s cafe